Back pain – don’t join the 80% of the population that suffer from it at some time in their lives.

diagram of proper lifting techniques

The best way to avoid potential back injury during your house removal is to employ a removal company. A reputable company, like Schofields, will have all the heavy lifting equipment necessary and an experienced crew so that there is no damage to you or your property on moving day.

If you decide to go ahead with a do it yourself removal we advise you to study the guide lines below and visit the government’s Health and Safety Executive website from which this information has been quoted from. Prevention is better than cure when it comes to back injuries. Back care should never be taken lightly at home or at work.

Good handling technique for lifting

Here are some practical tips, suitable for use in training people in safe manual handling. In the following section a basic lifting operation is taken as an example.

 List of lifting tips

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Getting to grips with manual handling

 List of maneouvering tips

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There is a wealth of free additional information to do with back injury prevention and there is also information on what to do when you have a minor back injury on the government HSE website:

In any case, call us or fill out our enquiry form and find out how much your move would cost by a professional removal company. If you compare it to the diy costs of packing materials, van hire, fuel, time off work, the favours you need to call in , and the risks to your backs, you may decide we are worth every penny!