Tips on putting your household items into temporary moving storage and long term storage.

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Schofield Removals has facilities for short term through to long term storage in a clean, dry, depot with fully security system. The advice below is applicable to any type of storage.

Packing – planning:-

sample packing materials and boxes
if you are putting your household contents into storage you need, first off, to list and source all the packing materials you will require. We can supply everything you may need: packing boxes/cartons, tape, bubble wrap, tissue paper, wardrobe cartons all to industry standards at very keen prices. Call us, for advice on what you might need for your household storage.

Stacking and packing – boxes/cartons:-

remember for storage, packing boxes of uniform size are easier to stack. Stack the heaviest boxes at the bottom and place lighter ones on top to prevent crushing of box sides. Never overfill boxes in terms of weight (particularly books), 15kg is maximum. Always fill any void space in a packing box with packing material, paper, cloth – to prevent crushing. (If in a self storage unit ensure boxes are off the ground on pallets and leave an aisle between stacks for access.)


list and label boxes on all sides so that objects can be easily found if need be while in storage. Place most used items at the top of packing boxes and at the front of the storage area for ease of access. (In self storage store most valuable items at the rear of your unit.)


for space saving and ease of handling, where possible, take apart your furniture like tables and beds. Ensure that all their fixings are bagged and labeled for easy reassembly. Similarly label cords/power supplies so that you can correctly match them up with of all your electronic equipment, like computer equipment and audio systems. With these delicate items it is a good idea to use their original packing. Refrigerators and deep freezers need to be defrosted and dried out, doors left slight open to prevent mold.

Wrapping Packing and Stacking:-

breakable items should be individually wrapped and placed into well padded boxes. More detailed advice can be found on the packing tips page. Small, lighter items can stored in drawers. Protect your larger items with light blankets or sheets. Pictures and mirrors should be stored on end, never flat. Use paper pads to protect furniture being stacked.


loose clothing and bedding can go into bin liners. However we recommend the use of our general cartons for folded jumpers/trousers and wardrobe cartons to hang your garments and keep them clean and crumple free.

Banned from removal and storage

Never try to store food, anything flammable, combustible or caustic. This includes petrol, oil, cleaning fluids, paint thinners and portable gas tanks. If in doubt ask us or the management of your self storage unit.