A moving story from a local to international removal firm

fleet of Schofield's removal vans

A recipe for longevity and success: meeting customers needs through innovation and diversification

The business, R & D Schofield has survived and thrived from 1919 to this day. The reason for this removal company’s continuing prosperity is its inherent willingness to help customers, its culture of flexibility and resourcefulness and customer centred approach to business. From the earliest beginning and down through the years these winning attributes are obvious to see.
the horse drawn delivery van

Back in September 1919, the firm was formed by Mr. Robert Douglas Schofield, shortly after his demobilization from the army after World War I. Enterprising from the start, Mr Schofield’s business not only served the local villages with a horse drawn delivery van but he used the same van to provide a local bus service. During this period there were no buses and cars were a rarity.

The first motorized vehicle, a Model T Ford was purchased in 1926, which was used to transport goods to the Poultry market in the local town. In 1936 the Ford was replaced by a Morris-Commercial 1-ton van which was used, as before, for general carrying.

World War II service

During WWII Mr. Schofield (Robert Douglas) and his van were commandeered for use, as necessary, as a temporary ambulance for the ARP service.
morris commercial 1 ton van

With this larger van Mr. Schofield attended local auctions and private house sales and undertook delivery of items of furniture for the buyers. This custom expanded into the removal of house contents for local farmers and their tenants.

Expansion & consolidation of removal business

Over the years the business expanded and although Schofields essentially acted as a carriers they also did much more furniture moving. With the expansion of the housing market the purchase of additional vans for furniture removing became necessary to meet the volume of work. By the early 1970’s the company’s main area of business was moving towards the house removal industry. The consequent acquisition of a furniture depository for storage of customers belongings gave a firm foundation for the future of the company you see today.

The firm, now a limited company, has a fleet of six purpose built removal vans which are deployed throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

From local removal firm of Essex and Suffolk to international removal company, the family business of R. & D. Schofield Ltd. continues its founder’s success in meeting customers needs.