Packing Tips: take care of your back and care in your selection of packing boxes and they’ll take care of your possessions.

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This advice is supplied for those customers wishing to take partial or full responsibility for packing and preparing the house contents for removal by Schofield Removals. Our removal consultant will take note of your wishes at the free no obligation survey of your house contents. The resulting quote will contain full details of the removal crews agreed responsibilities and tasks concerning your removal by Schofields.

General Advice – removal/storage packing

Be aware that most insurance companies will not provide cover for objects not packed by your removal company.

You can never start packing too early. Last minute rushed packing can easily lead to mishaps. Save time and money and give away/or sell objects you really no longer want or have use for. Moving is a good opportunity to reassess the value or usefulness to you of some of your possessions. Don’t cut corners by underpacking. Save costs by doing it yourself but get the correct packing materials for the job. We can supply you with all the packing material and removal packing cases you will need and at very competitive prices.

Important: No flammable (e.g. garden machines not drained of petrol – old oil rags, paints, solvents), aerosol products (toiletries/cleaners) gas containers, or poisonous household products can be transported by a Schofield van.

china and glass packing box or carton

Packing boxes/carton

Source and obtain strong ‘double walled’ containers/boxes and always use tape to fasten the bottom and top of your boxes. Never use damaged, worn, or thin cardboard boxes. If in doubt contact us for industry standard cartons or purchase one of our removal kits.

Pack all boxes to their tops and fill spaces with void filling material such as shredded/crumpled paper. Larger spaces could be filled with pillows or cushions. This will prevent movement of contents and give the packing box rigidity when stacked. Unfilled boxes can be crushed and overfilled bulging boxes can tear and fall apart or be dropped! Rattling boxes mean insufficient space filling.

Don’t overload your packing boxes with too many heavy items. You can always fill spaces with lighter objects. Packed boxes should not on average weigh more than 30lbs/15kgs each. Generally, the heavier the object the smaller the container. Label each box as you go with the room name or list of contents. If the contents are delicate or need to remain upright clearly mark fragile and right side up.

Sequence your packing so that the least used possessions are packed first. Do one room at a time. Last in first out – pack the most used items to the top of your boxes.

 Specific Packing Tips and Preparation for house removal

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Lastly keep aside a carton you will transport that has all the essential things you might need when your first arrive at your new home, like medications or a kettle and mugs to make drinks.

Should this all seem too much don’t forget we are here to help. If you change your mind about doing it yourself lets us know well before moving day and we will take care of it.

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